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Friday 10th of July 2020

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Why you should apply to be a Premier Client?

Have you ever had the benefit of a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident, only to discover that whilst yours is being repaired you are expected to carry on with your business in a totally unsuitable vehicle?

As a tradesman you need the right vehicle to provide a seamless service to your customers. As an executive you expect to arrive at your destination in an executive car.

Should one of your vehicles be involved in an accident as a ‘RGM Premier Client’ your only concerns will be limited to where you would like your replacement vehicle delivered and after full repair, where you would like your own vehicle returned to you.

RGM will take care of the hassle of contacting your insurance company, arranging for your vehicles collection and organising all aspects of the repair work from start to finish.

Whilst your vehicle is being fully restored to the original manufactures specifications you will have the full use of a like for like vehicle to enable you to continue about your business as usual, whether it is a top of the range executive car or a modern light goods vehicle.

It also goes without saying that all RGM repairs are fully guaranteed for a minimum of three years or the lifetime of your vehicles original warrantee, whichever is the longest and carried out at our own premises which are equipped with all the latest repair technology, fully computerised using Advance management systems linked to video estimating methods (Audatex and GlasMatix).

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