RGM Vehicle Body Repairs
Friday 10th of July 2020

Accident Damage Advice

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Light Commercial Vehicles - LCV`s

Commercial Accident Repair - we are can repair all vehicles up to 3.5 Ton.

No repair is too small or too big for RGM Ltd. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that your vehicles are restored to the manufacturer ’s strict tolerances by employing the latest realignment equipment and recognised repair procedures.

Commercial Vehicle waiting to enter the Spraybooth
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Before your vehicles go through to our paint shop, a thorough quality inspection is carried out to ensure that the accident damage has been repaired to the highest standard. Only then will your vehicle go through for preparation, priming and colour coating in our spraybooth and oven.

Vehicle Respraying South Wales

We use the very latest refinishing materials and by using advanced 2 pack primers and colour coats, time off the road for annual repaints is a thing of the past.

The drying speed of Autoclear UV enables RGM to considerably reduce the vehicle off road time.

Our library of fleet, BS and RAL Colours, will ensure a high level of colour accuracy. Our low bake commercial oven means we can return your vehicle quickly and with a hard baked, durable high gloss paint finish.